Legally registered in New Zealand: registration number – 5659067
Mint is premium study and Immigration service. Helping people to study
and live overseas.

 We have a full range of services:

  • Studying English as a second language
  • Diplomas as a gateway to working in the destination country
  • Post graduates including masters and doctorates
  • Immigration to New Zealand for individuals and families
The founders of Mint are Natalia Cardona and Mick Cottrell who live in New Zealand. Co-founder Natalia Cardona is a licensed immigration advisor for New Zealand. Our head office is in Auckland, New Zealand.
Mint has a multi-cultural and multi lingual team. We all speak Spanish, and within our team we also speak Portuguese and several European languages. The big difference is we are actually here in New Zealand for you.


Natalia Cardona

Is the licensed Immigration Adviser for Mint Studies and one of the co-founders.
She has an Industrial Engineering Degree from Colombia and an MBA in International Business from New Zealand. Natalia has more than 6 years’ experience helping people to achieve their dream of studying overseas and assisting Immigrants with all their Immigration settling process in New Zealand. Natalia emigrated herself from Colombia more than 10 years ago and currently lives happily in Auckland.

Mick Cottrell

Is the Managing Director and co-founder of Mint Studies.
He is passionate about helping people move across the world to achieve their dreams or simply a better lifestyle. Mick has an MBA from Auckland University. He emigrated from England to New Zealand 20 years ago and has a background in airline and tourism management.

Luz Mery Giraldo

Is Mint Studies’ New Zealand Manager.
She is a lawyer with years of experience in the taxation field and a specialist in Public Law. Luz Mery loves to give advice and guide people to achieve their personal goals. Originally from Colombia, she has settled in New Zealand embracing all that it has to offer. The clean environment and peace prevailing in the country is what she loves most about New Zealand. Luz Mery practiced basketball and enjoys listening to classical music and reading.

Pablo González

Is our Student Advisor from Spain.
He is a Spanish physiotherapist who decided to go to the other side of the world looking for new professional experiences. Pablo moved to Auckland in August, 2015. He speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese (similar to his mother tongue: Galician). He has been working in Spain as a physiotherapist for more than 6 years, aquatic therapist and bodyguard. Among his hobbies, he loves nature and practising all kinds of sport: soccer, basketball or scuba diving. He enjoys watching films, T.V shows and listening to rock music.

Gaby Suhl

Is our Student Advisor from Argentina.
Gaby was born in Argentina. Once she finished her Vet degree in Buenos Aires, she decided she wanted to see the world.
Her first stop was in Nicaragua, where she worked in a Marine Turtle conservation project. Once the project was over, she came to NZ and made it her new home. That was almost 10 years ago!
When she is not in the kitchen trying a new recipe involving chocolate, she is dancing Tango or doing street photography.


Carolina Castro

Student Advisor from Colombia.
Currently a Ph.D. Student at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. She has a Bachelor in Natural Sciences and Environmental Education, a Master in Social Development from Colombia and a Master 2 in Human Sciences and Education from France. Her passion is studies and travel around the world. She likes working out and going sightseeing.